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Using An Inversion Table to Relieve A Bad Back

Inversion tables are now used by thousands of back pain sufferers to help them reduce and sometimes totally remove their back pain. They come in many differing sizes as well as models many of which are highlighted in our store.

Dependent on what you are looking for in terms of features there will always be an option available from the wide range. As always when dealing with your bad back it is crucial to consider all the features before you decide on the best inversion table for you.

If you are using an Inversion Table to relieve a bad back for the first time the main advice is:

  • When trying an inversion table for the first time you should only invert the table to 20 – 30 degrees.
  • This should be done daily for at least 2-3 weeks before you can start inverting the table to 60 degrees or more.
  • It is vital that while inverting the table there is no back pain.

You should also get comfortable with operating the table and shouldn’t be under any tension while being on an inversion table.

Only when you are really up to it can you start inverting 90 degrees. This is called the expert level. Remember however comfortable you feel on the table do not overextend yourself on those first sessions!

Key advantages of an inversion table are :

  • The blood circulation in the body improves as your circulatory system is aided by gravity in reaching all points of your body
  • It increases the flexibility of the muscles as well as the joints as they stretch and move during your sessions.
  • Obviously it reduces back pain as the tensions and stresses in the muscles of the back and core back are eased.
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Along with inversion table, you may also receive a DVD or YouTube videos on how best to use the inversion table properly. It is vitally important to follow instruction and guidance from your inversion table manufacturer.  Not only will this ensure the correct configuration and assembly of the table, following proper guidance you are much less likely to cause yourself any injury or especially further aggravation of your back condition.  Also look for the additional features that may be provided and study all sales material available before you purchase an inversion table.

Another key buying point when buying an inversion table is the warranty period offered.  Some companies such as Teeter Hang Ups offer a very comforting warranty up to 5 years.  It should also be remembered that many manufacturers provide a dedicated after sales service either by phone or internet.

Regular use and persistence with a good inversion table therapy routine can be a fantastic way to control your back pain condition.